7 Healers on Your Wellness Journey

Join me as I share the 7 important things to speed up your wellness journey. These are simple things that we know to do–but just missing one or two of them can drastically alter your health and wellness.  Take a few minutes now and let me remind you of the importance of … the 7 Healers.


Create Calm and Increase Creativity

Here is a sweet simple exercise to create calm and increase creativity.  This exercise can stop the left brain which has the capacity of processing 40 bits of information per second and access the right brain which has the capacity to process 40 million bits of information per second!  Let me teach you how to enter the wordless space of unseen power in this Open Focus exercise. Blessings.


Words Have Power

Your biology responds to every word you say.  Every cell takes shape with your words and beliefs.  Spend 5 minutes as I share the simple process of giving your words the power to heal and create your best reality.  Blessings, Kare


Oneness and World Peace Meditation

Join me in a short sweet meditation to connect us in visualizing peace in our bodies, our earth and our world in a way that can help connect and transform us.  Quantum physics has shown us how we are all connected and here is a way to help raise the vibration for our health and the health of our planet.  Blessings, Kare

Hear is my World Peace Mandala

The Secret to Creating What You Want in LIfe Now

Join me for a little class and an exercise to help you understand how to manifest what you want in your life now. I have studied and have gotten quite good at manifesting.  And there are a couple of little “tweeks” that you have probably not heard about that really make manifesting work.  What do you want?  Watch now to make them happen.  Blessings, Kare

Finding Your Purpose

How do you get from where you are … to being on purpose?  I have a simple technique of an emotional guage to help you find your purpose and to activate it.  Let me show you how to stay on purpose with a simple exercise that can open your mind to understanding what that feels like to be on your path or off your path–and a simple technique to realign in an instant.  Join me now.


The Simple Technique to Know What Food Your Body Requires

Are you gluten intolerant? Should you be eating those blueberries?  What does dairy do to your body?  What does your body require for health right now?  Here is a simple and profound technique to actually ask your body what food it requires for health right now!  This is a form of kinesiology that YOU can do to find out the best foods to create health in your body.  And you can ask it every time you eat to really fine tune your diet.  What is good for someone else might not be good for you.  But here is the way to know.  What does your body require for health right now?  Watch this then go to your kitchen and see for yourself!  Blessings for your health.


Group Healing

Let me share with you a simple and beautiful technique to harness your healing energy…and use it for yourself and others.  Since so many have done this with us–we are entangled which magnifies the power of this healing session every time someone else joins in this process.  Blessings for your health and outrageous joy! 


What are all these Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Fires, & Solar Flares About?   In the midst of the hurricanes in Florida, Kare shares her thoughts on all these tragedies and upheavals.



Moving Your Mountains.  In the midst of our personal mountains of issues and problems, Kare shares some brilliant suggestions and comfort.


Bring in Positive New energies and Attributes. My friend and amazing healer Jimmy Mack will show you an amazing technique to bring in new good energies and get rid of old non-effective ones here!  I use this too and it is amazingly easy! Watch my interview with him now.



High Frequency Wellness Interview with Energy Artist Julia Watkins.  Amazing artist who captures energy in her art is also a purple rice eater…fascinating interview. 


These are videos about products that Kare highly recommends.


Kare’s High Frequency Wellness Mist

Kare’s High Frequency Wellness Mist – a totally new and affordable health technology, delivers vibrant high frequency plant molecules directly into the bloodstream. What happens in the bloodstream is absolutely amazing! Watch my short video then call me at 727-262-0880 or message me to learn more or get some within a matter of days. To order, Click here: Wellness Mist and you can order as a customer or activist (distributor). 

Micronized Purple Rice Question and Answer Session with Kare


Micronized Purple Rice Question and Answer session with Kare.  This is the most powerful food on the planet that is transforming lives by the thousands.


Here is a short video interview with Dr. Doug Gabbert about how and why HFI works on virus and many other things as well. 

You owe it to your health to listen….